Three Distinct Neighborhoods
All With Magnificent Views

Welcome to Smoky Mountain living at its finest. The Preserve at English Mountain has three distinct sections on the mountain. Each section has different views and amenities, but all offer the ultimate mountain living experience. The Preserve at English Mountain is perfect for you to build your retirement home, your weekend getaway, or maybe even to build a glorious lodge for your hospitality company. So many options. These Smoky Mountain Properties can’t be overlooked. All the homes are bound by a covenant designed to protect the wildness and beauty of the Smoky Mountains. There has never been a mountain living community built like this one. Every care has been taken to step lightly and to repair any damage done by building roads and homes. No tree is taken unnecessarily, and extreme caution has been taken to ensure that the forest is left as pristine as possible.

Pinnacle View

The Pinnacle describes the upper elevation mountain view lots available for sale within The Preserve at English Mountain. These lots are the preeminent lots on the mountain. Explore the majestic beauty and imagine what waking up this these views might be like. Get the full view from our video and see information on all lots available for sale within the Pinnacle.

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Stillhouse Branch

Stillhouse Branch represents the middle mountain view homestead lots that are available for sale. These lots all offer spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains, as well as more affordable land options for development. Get the full view from our video and see information on all lots available for sale within the Stillhouse Branch.

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Trillium Ridge

Trillium Ridge is the first of three Preserve Neighborhoods, and is located on the lower portion of English Mountain with convenient and easy access to the clubhouse. Gorgeous, serene mountain living lots are available within Trillium Ridge. Check out the video of this section of the mountain and see information on all available lots for sale.

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