We invite you to visit
The Preserve at English Mountain.

See for yourself why we believe this is East Tennessee’s most spectacular upscale private mountain community, with multiple lots available for sale to suit your specific needs. This is mountain living at its finest.

With breathtaking mountain views of the entire Smoky Mountain range, the Preserve is indeed your own peaceful retreat – your mountain living home – yet you’ll be close to neighbors when you feel like coffee on the porch.

English Mountain is easily seen from the Smoky Mountains and the developers want the mountain to be an aesthetically positive view… not another scar on the landscape. They have taken the least invasive approach to every aspect of the development to ensure the most luxurious mountain views in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Roads have been carefully designed to be hidden. As few trees as possible have been taken down, and the trees that were felled were used to create buffers to control water and soil runoff. Plans are in place to reforest the borders of the roads with indigenous plants and trees once construction is finished. The roads follow the contour of the land and are built at subdivision grade. When rock impacted the width of the road, the roadbed was built up instead of blasted, a far more expensive solution resulting in less scarring. This attention to detail has guided the entire design and development of the Preserve.

The houses follow height, size, material and color restrictions. The Building restrictions encourage good design which immerse the structures into the natural environment. Lots are arranged to encourage community and assure privacy.